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Smart employee feedback solutions for engaged and happy teams

Increase employee engagement & wellbeing

Get real-time feedback from your employees to understand exactly how they feel. Feedback helps to monitor changing moods in response to what’s happening in your organization. This means that you can quickly discover what causes disengagement and fix it.

Happy employees are productive employees who will stay with you longer and deliver more to your bottom line
The above survey links offer just a flavour of what we can do but that is just the start – ViewPoint Feedback solutions are based on flexibility. You can design your survey your way. Ask an unlimited number of questions, in any order, using smileys, words, or pictures.

Build Your Own Survey For Your Own Employees

  • Bespoke survey built to your specification, created using a combination of single response, multi-response, tabular and free text question types.
  • Flexible solution allowing you to run different surveys on different devices at different times to suit your needs. New surveys can be deployed remotely for a hands off approach
  • Surveys also work offline so no responses are lost if connections are temporarily lost.
  • All responses time-stamped at point of capture and encrypted for complete peace of mind.
Let us design you an employee feedback survey

Want to see if we can create a survey for your needs? Get in touch and let us design a bespoke demo survey for your project. All we need is a few details about what you want to achieve and our team of survey experts will get to work!

Understanding and Tracking Employee Engagement

Find out what your employees think, when they think it.

Discover more about capturing better employee feedback
Ask the questions that enable you to connect to and communicate that you value, understand, and care about your team with the 4 Essentials of a Stellar Employee
Wellbeing Survey

Understand the role of employee feedback champions for your employee engagement surveys; helping you to increase uptake, improve accuracy and obtain longevity
for your feedback projects.

Discover how to fast-track employee engagement initiatives, with employee pulse surveys in The Ultimate Guide to Employee Pulse Surveys

Employee Survey Solutions

We have a solution for every situation. Find the device that’s right for you.

The ViewPoint Pulse is perfect for single or multi-question surveys

ViewPoint Trend with single or multi-question feedback options and a large screen for high visual impact

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