FAMTECH is a complete turn-key mobile security solution engineered for organizations performing critical functions. It secures communication and data at rest. FAMTECH provides peace of mind, granular control over fleets of devices, and self-hosted options.

Secures Communication and Data

FAMTECH is a custom-built encrypted mobile device. As part of our complete solution, it provides six security layers. Resisting sophisticated threats and spying techniques, it’s available for an independent audit.


The cryptographic protocols used by the device’s chat, voice and video call apps ensure all communications remain encrypted until they reach the intended recipient.

Storage and Data

We keep all cryptographic keys only on the FAMTECH devices, ensuring that even we cannot access users' sensitive data. To provide even greater integrity, we also offer a self-hosted version of our solutions.

Secure connectivity

No need to worry about mobile operators.FAMTECH offers the most advanced counter-surveillance SIM card. It detects, alerts and applies protection against all cellular network-based cyber threats


Layered Security

FAMTECH is paired with the Secure Administration System (SAS) platform, which allows administrators to assign policies to the device to control its functions or disable vulnerabilities.
The device comes with a suite of security apps that include encrypted chat, voice and video calls app, and file storage with additionally encrypted databases.
FAMTECH runs on a custom Secure OS. It has modified system Kernel, no Google Services, and restricted Android runtime.
FAMTECH is based on custom hardware that allows the bootloader to be locked after the OS is installed.
Detects and takes actions against hacking, location tracking, denial-of-service, eavesdropping, and different mobile IP-Data attacks.

Secure Communication Suite

Our end-to-end encrypted apps ensure that sensitive data is shared only between the peers in the communication, and no third party can access it.
Encrypted messenger with OTR 1:1 chats, OMEMO group conversations, and ZRTP encrypted calls. No sensitive data reaches the premises of our servers.
PGP chat client with user-managed encryption keys. No copies of messages or keys are stored on third-party servers.
Encrypted file storage gives you the ability to store rich file formats, messages, and whole conversations. Save information as encrypted notes or create highly secure backups of your settings, contacts, and data

Security hardened Operating System

FAMTECH Online is powered by Secure OS, introducing multiple defense layers addressing various threats and leading the race to a true zero attack surface.

Custom Operating system

Exploitable entry points such as Google services are entirely removed. Others, such as GSM and SMS services, Bluetooth, and more, can also be blocked on OS level.


During first enrollment, the device creates a unique fingerprint. When booting, the system validates the fingerprint against a server-side copy.


All data stored on the device is secured and encrypted. Incoming and outgoing communication is end-to-end encrypted and transmitted over an encrypted network.


FAMTECH Online provides several ways to wipe all data, including in case of physical tampering attempts, lost access, or the device is continuously disconnected or turned off.


All encryption keys are generated and stored on a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module. No private keys are ever shared or stored outside the device.


Updates are issued and digitally signed exclusively through the Secure Administration System (SAS). Devices apply updates only after verifying the authenticity.

Hardware Integrity

FAMTECH Online Consultation’s encrypted mobile devices address both – software and hardware threats.

The inheritably vulnerable sensors of smartphones, such as the GPS and NFC, are disabled in FAMTECH to ensure there’s no chance of them being exploited by third parties.
The hardware integrity and zero-day-protection of FAMTECH are validated by rigorous quality assurance procedures and a transparent supply chain framework.

Hardware Integrity

FAMTECH Online encrypted mobile devices address both – software and hardware threats.

Want to Host Our Solution on Your Infrastructure?

Secure global connectivity

FAMTECH is powered by Secure OS, introducing multiple defense layers addressing various threats and leading the race to a true zero attack surface.


Special Projects

We execute projects requiring further customization of our solutions in collaboration with our mother company’s R&D hub. This allows us to advance fast on the product roadmap with total control over cost.

Software customization

Integration of 3rd party communication systems

Custom hardware specifications